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Not all fires are created equal. Nor do they burn with equal ferocity. For the most hazardous fires you’ll face, you need solutions up to the task. Vanguard offers powerful ANSUL Dry Chemical fire suppression systems that use proven technology to fight the toughest flammable liquid and gas fires. Minimize your risk with maximum fire knockdown ability.

The ideal dry chemical system should combine the flexibility of hand portable fire extinguishers with the power to knock down large Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and Class C (electrical) fires.  Featuring large agent capacity and long discharge time, the ANSUL Large Dry Chemical Manual System offers the chance to use only the amount of agent necessary to suppress the fire.  Plus, the tremendous dry chemical flow rate provides the confidence needed to fight three-dimensional fires and pressurized gas/liquid fires.

Based on extensive experience in fire protection analysis, manual hose-line units are recommended when you face these conditions:

Large Fires — Class B and C fires are extremely hazardous and demand immediate knockdown ability; optional agents protect against Class A and D fires

Limited Manpower — Can be operated by one person

Remote Location — Self-contained units provide on-the-spot fire suppression capabilities without any pumps or external power source — plus they’re easily recharged in the field.

Multiple Hazards — One system can be equipped with selector valves to supply multiple remote hose reels; protect multiple hazards from one central location


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  1. Manual system actuation can be performed either remotely or by locally opening the nitrogen cylinder valve
  2. Storage tank filled with choice of dry chemical agents
  3. Nitrogen cylinders pressurize the tank and fluidize the dry chemical
  4. Hose line and nozzle assembly delivers the agent from the storage tank and directs the flow of dry chemical to the fire


Available in capacities of 50 to 3,000 lb (22.7 to 1360.8 kg), the system is especially effective in areas where hand portable and wheeled extinguishers may not typically provide sufficient capacity. Manual hose-line units are recommended in cases of large fires that are extremely hazardous and demand immediate knockdown ability; limited manpower; remote locations; and multiple hazards. Custom adaptability allows the basic system to be designed to specifications through the addition of one or more of these options:

Corrosion control package—A special epoxy coating and corrosion-resistant brass protect against the effect of salt spray for offshore, marine, and coastline applications.

Portability—Several trailer assemblies are available; a special lift bar is available for remote locations that require airlifting of the system.

Long-range Nozzles—The increased range characteristics of a straight bore nozzle, plus added flow rate, are ideal for fighting pressurized-fuel fires.

Remote Actuation—If the system is located some distance from the actual fire hazard, piping can connect a hose reel to the system.

Selector Valve Assembly—Protect up to six separate hazards with one system.

Turret assembly—The turret combines increased flow rate and long range for fires that may be too intense to approach with a hose line.

The Hand Hose Line Stationary Dry Chemical System is manufactured to provide manual firefighting protection for hazardous areas such as offshore platforms, loading racks, fuel storage areas, and heavy manufacturing operations. The system combines the flexibility of a hand portable fire extinguisher with the larger fire-killing power necessary to combat large Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and Class C (energized electrical) fires.


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